Plastic Surgery – Robin McGraw – Plastic Surgery or Natural?

Plastic Surgery :

I wont even get started on how much it annoys me when there is an entire episode of Dr Phil dedicated to her…. I think that for her age she must have had some surgery to have no wrinkles and she looks very tight in the face. Does anyone know for sure if she has had any plastic surgery/botox?

Plastic Surgery

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4 comments on “Plastic Surgery – Robin McGraw – Plastic Surgery or Natural?

  1. Renae on said:

    Ok, I just googled this question for you and this is what I found, I dont think she has…Go ahead and read a little on this site:
    It is hard to believe at age 53 shes sill holding up though, I totally agree with you on that one!
    Hope this helps answering your question =]

  2. Please! on said:

    It is so outrageous of her to say she has never had plastic surgery. Look at her tight face, tiny eyes, very high eyebrows, plumped lips, breast implants, cheeks, smooth face and horse teeth. Uh hello!

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